The “e-bike leasing protection“ provides comprehensive protection services at low monthly cost.

This includes damage and destruction that have not been deliberately created by you:

  • Theft, robbery or burglary: The e-bike leasing protection applies any time of day. Throughout the lease period, the bike is replaced by a new comparable one. It's required that you locked the bike, but not necessarily connected, and that you have to file a police report.

  • operational errors and clumsiness

  • simple negligence

  • accidental damage

  • vandalism

  • design-, material or execution error

  • overvoltage, induction, short circuit

  • fire, lightning, explosion or implosion

  • storm, frost, ice, earthquake, flood

  • damage to battery and motor

  • oil or lubricant shortage

  • failure of measuring regulation or control technology

  • motor accessories and spare parts will be replaced up to 10,000 €.

You participate with 10% of the costs in case of damage, but at a 100 € maximum. All other costs for repair and replacement parts will be taken by the insurance company.

But what if your company is older and the repair costs are higher than the market value? Then simply get an equivalent bike and your leasing contract continues.

Punctures are not considered as damage, but are handled by the wear-budget, as long as this has not been exhausted.

The e-bike lease protection also includes a accident prevention:
Your employer shall ensure that the accident prevention regulations are respected. The costs of the annual checks are covered in the all-inclusive package.

And the mobility warranty:
The following services are covered up to 200 € a year to maintain mobility:

Costs for the transportation back to the starting point in loss of reliability up to 100 €.
Cost of a rental bike from the 2nd day. A maximum of 20 € per day, maximum of 100 € per incident.

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