You have the choice between the basic, standard or premium package. Each package contains an annual budget with which wear and tear repairs that are necessary due to operational safety and caused by wear and tear are billed to the responsible service partner.

The annual budget available is per package:

Basic package: 75 € gross
Standard package: 150 € gross
Premium Package: 200 € gross

In addition to the wear repair budget, all three packages include damage protection for all sudden and unpredictable damage to the service bike, such as by:

  • Theft, burglary or robbery

  • Operating errors

  • Simple negligence

  • Accidental damages

  • Vandalism

  • Construction, material or execution errors

  • Overvoltage, induction or implosion

  • Storm, frost, ice drift, earthquake or flood

  • Damage to motor or battery

  • The excess of the lessee in the event of damage is 10%, at a maximum of € 100.

The mobility guarantee is also included in every all-round protection package. In the event of an insured loss, the following benefits are covered up to €200 per year to maintain mobility.

Costs for return transport to the point of departure in the event of loss of operational safety up to €100.
Costs for a rental bike from the 2nd day. Maximum 20€ per day, at a maximum of 100€ per loss event.

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