Certain settings or plug-ins in browsers may prevent checkboxes and/or selection windows from being displayed. Since it is not so easy to understand which settings need to be changed or reset, our suggested solutions are the following:

Use a different browser:

  1. open another browser that is installed on your computer (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) or install a new one

  2. Log on to the BMS portal and check whether the checkboxes are now visible. Normally, the default settings of the browser used should display the platform as intended.

  3. If any elements are still missing, please install our app.

Download the BMS desktop app:

  1. Go to: https://bms-support.de/

  2. Then click on „download app“.

  3. Choose your operating system (Apple or Windows) via the two symbols.

  4. If necessary, acknowledge messages in your browser so that the file can be downloaded.

  5. To install the app, click the downloaded file on your device.

  6. If a note appears that the app is not verified in the AppStore or sth. alike, ignore this notice and install the app.

  7. You should see a BMS desktop app icon on your desktop, click on it and log in with your user data.

The platform should now be displayed as intended.

In the majority of cases, using another browser should help, at the latest all problems should be solved by using our app. If checkboxes are missing, please contact our support again.

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