The user wants to take over the bike:

  1. 4-6 weeks before the leasing contract expires, the user will be informed via e-mail about the end of the leasing period. At the same time, an offer to buy is made to the user. Using the form in the e-mail, the user can answer whether he wants the bicycle. 

  2. If the user takes over the bicycle, he will receive an invoice and an inspection report at the end of the leasing period. A copy of the invoice will also be sent to his dealer. The customer visits the dealer with the invoice and the protocol. They check whether the leased object is complete and functional. 

  3. The user pays the invoice to his dealer. The dealer signs the test report and sends it back to [email protected] . As soon as the protocol has arrived at LEASE A BIKE, the money is collected from the dealer's account. Note: The retailer should create a tax-exempt item for payment transactions in order to book incoming and outgoing payments. 

  4. After a successful purchase, the company receives information about the purchase and the commitment that Bike Mobility Services GmbH will pay the tax.

The user does not want to take over the bike:

  1. If the user does not wish to take over the bicycle at the end of the term, he returns the bicycle to his specialist dealer at the end of the term. Even if the bicycle is returned, the specialist dealer checks the bicycle for completeness and functionality and signs the check form if the bicycle is in good condition. If this is not the case, the user shall bear the costs of any repairs that may be required. 

  2. The bicycle will then be offered for sale to the dealer. If there is no interest, the bicycle will be collected from the dealer. 

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