As a company manager you are responsible for the administration of your employees. In the following section we explain the difference between "Forbid user to create new contracts" and "Deny user to use our services".

Forbid user to create new contracts

If a user is forbidden to create new contracts, the user can view the system at this time, but cannot create any contracts. The user could be admitted to leasing at a later date, e.g. when his fixed-term employment contract is changed to an open-ended one. 

The reasons for forbid users to create new contracts and then activating them again can be many and varied - the decisive factor is that users can only be forbidden and then activated again.

Deny user to use our services

However, if a user is denied from the platform, this means total exclusion from the platform. Excluded users can no longer log on to the platform and can no longer be activated by the company manager. 

If you have accidentally denied a user, you can ask him/her to register for the system with a different e-mail address.

The reasons for the denial from the platform could be, for example, the termination or dismissal of the employee.

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