The user can choose between three different options to receive:

  • all notifications

  • only important notifications

  • only system notifications

1. “all notifications”

With “all notifications” you will always be up-to-date. Which means that you will receive all notifications regarding important events by email depending on your user role and besides, you get all relevant information in the context of our product, services or upcoming events (marketing emails).

2. “only important notifications”

This setting means that you will be informed about all relevant events by email depending on your user role. So you can be sure that no important information will pass you by.

3. “only system notifications” 

With this setting, you will get as few emails as necessary. This includes emails like "forgot password” for example. Emails of this type are system-relevant and can never be unsubscribed. To ensure that you do not miss any important events in the system, you must log in regularly, or at least change to the setting “only important notifications” or “all notifications”.

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